It's a new year with several changes ahead...

December 02, 2016 2:00 PM | Anonymous

Welcome to the new Northbay Workers' Compensation Association website! Well the name remains the same but the look and feel are quite different. We do hope you get the chance to snoop around a bit  here as we do have some new features that were not available on the old site.

For are now reading the first blog post. Will there be more? Possibly. Keeping in mind that many organizations have their own newsletters and that all those involved with NBWCA are also working full time. Well you get the picture.

Also new are Forums. We have a "Professional" forum in which you can post questions, answers, responses and comments related to the workers compensation field. There is also a "Social" forum in which pretty much anything goes. But hey, let's keep it clean and let's keep it nice!

Registration for all lunches and other events can still be done online using PayPal or by downloading the registration form and mailing it in. Remember though there are deadlines. Did you know that with Paypay you can pay with just a credit card? Pretty easy.

The last change taking place is that our wonderful Administrative Assistant Gerry Norton has decided that it is time to retire. Gerry was the AA for 11 years and helped move the organization along to where it is today. Many of you met Gerry when you would go to the lunches, golf tournaments and holiday parties as she was the one there at the registration table.

I actually had the opportunity to work with Gerry when I was on the Board of Directors and I must say it was a true pleasure. No matter what was taking place there was always that beautiful smile on her face and absolutely wonderful laugh. She will be missed by many!

And yes there is a new Administrative Assistant on board now. And that would be me, Kendra Heath. And boy do I have some beautiful shoes to fill! For those of you that don't know me I do have a background as a WC examiner as well as a WC aoe/coe investigator. But at this point in time I much prefer to be doing this type of work and feel honored that the NBWCA Board of Directors thought of me when they learned Gerry was going to be leaving. I look forward to a long and fulfilling tenure with the NBWCA.

Kendra Heath

Administrative Assistant

NorthBay Workers' Compensation Association

1275 Fourth Street, PMB 234

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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